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Several Cycles at Chunky's Ep. 1 - Just Another Day

July 01, 2022 Real Play Games Podcast Players Season 4 Episode 1
Real Play Games Podcast
Several Cycles at Chunky's Ep. 1 - Just Another Day
Show Notes

In the year 23XX, food scientist Dr. Charmander Doe and mechanical engineer Giuseppe Salvatore are two quality control inspectors for Chunky's Inc., parent corporation of Chunky Cheese's Eateria, traveling the void of space in cryosleep between jobs in a vain attempt to get their job accomplished, and maybe even get home some day far in the future.  Their newest mission is to infiltrate a freshly-built Chunky's location under the guise of a newly married couple, that way there's no chance the staff will take special pains to deliver the Chunky's® commitment to customer service.

Content Warnings: Adult Content, Drug Use, Gross Humor, Profanity, Soul-Crushing Capitalism

PJ is Giuseppe Salvatore
Harm is Dr. Charmander Doe

The Mothership® Sci-Fi Horror RPG is a registered trademark of and produced by Tuesday Knight Games, and you can find out more about it and their host of other games at  Chunky Cheese’s Eateria and the Magnificent Chunky Animal Band is written by Jet McFin for the Mothership ®  roleplaying game, and you can find all of his works at  We also used the Theseus game cabinet from the Kill Screen supplement from Mystery Spice, whose works you can find at  All the print materials used in this game were purchased from Spear Witch, a charming online boutique for auteur RPG books and various esoterica, which you can find at

Our theme song is 8 Bit Retro Video Game Music - Dark Forest - P5 by Shelby Leon Wright and is used under commercial licensing which includes synch licensing. 

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