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Tiny Terrors Ep. 8 - Iffy's First Rage

April 15, 2022 Real Play Games Podcast Players Season 3 Episode 8
Real Play Games Podcast
Tiny Terrors Ep. 8 - Iffy's First Rage
Show Notes

Things are getting heated in the chilly little town of Mordentshire, as the Catuli cousins and Weathermay-Foxgrove twins discover more disturbing information about Dr. Stella Canaveri's behavior, and after launching further investigation, become part of an external attack on the Mousel Sanitorium!  As things get progressively more grim inside, it becomes apparent that not everyone will be left standing in Mordentshire when all is said and done...

Content Warnings: Adult Language, Antiquated Mental Health Depictions/Terms, Gore, Mutilation (legs), Violence

Iffy Catuli and Yessir are played by Harm
Lupo Catuli and Gorger are played by Ru

Ravenloft® is a registered trademark owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.  The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game™ is a trademark of Paizo Inc.

Our theme song, Spooky Halloween Trailer, was composed by Toy Invention and is used under a commercial license that includes synch licensing.  The Tiny Terrors episode logo features modified art originally created by Elena Mozhvilo, which can be found at

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