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Here Comes Santa's Claws Ep. 1 - Working Interview, Travel Required

December 02, 2022 Real Play Games Podcast Players Season 6 Episode 1
Real Play Games Podcast
Here Comes Santa's Claws Ep. 1 - Working Interview, Travel Required
Show Notes

T'was the fifth of September, and Santana was waiting,
enjoying some coffee and mentally debating
two bad interviews, and one yet left to go
but Martina gave Santa reason to ho-ho!
When all through the java place arose a big torment
Time and space sucked open, now they're in a tournament
for holiday survival, and glory, of course!
We'll end this rhyme now, lest we beat a dead horse!

Harm is Santa Santana  Lozado-Pineda
Ames is Martina Valentine aka Nightfire

 Content Warnings: Adult Language, Drug Use, Profanity, Violence

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From PJ, Harm, Ames, Obie, Ru, and GM John, we hope that no matter the reason, your holidays are cheerful and bright! 

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