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Ravenloft®: Tiny Terrors Ep. 2 - The Coldest Cut

January 21, 2022 Real Play Games Podcast Players Season 3 Episode 2
Real Play Games Podcast
Ravenloft®: Tiny Terrors Ep. 2 - The Coldest Cut
Show Notes

With the help from their new acquaintance Jackson Marsh-Shackleford, a student of the occult and former colleague of their uncle, Iffy and Lupo find themselves drawn into a search for one of the many missing evil artifacts that their uncle was responsible for distributing throughout the world!  Their search leads them to Witness Sivis, a priest of the Eternal Order, but is this man of the cloth really what he seems?  What's up with the leader of the Weaver's Guild, he seems like a sussy baka!  Hop right onto our charcuterie board of horrors and see if our halfling cousins have the chops to get out of this one alive!

 Content Warning: Adult Language, Body Horror, Gore, Violence

Harm is Iffy Catuli and Yessir
Ru is Lupo Catuli and Gorger

Ravenloft® is a registered trademark owned by Wizards of the Coast, Inc.  The Pathfinder Roleplaying Game™ is a trademark of Paizo Inc.

Our theme song, Spooky Halloween Trailer, was composed by Toy Invention and is used under a commercial license that includes synch licensing.  The Tiny Terrors episode logo features modified art originally created by Elena Mozhvilo, which can be found at

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